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Dealing Dental Anxiety for Common Dental Procedures

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Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological disorder, that triggers stress in someone before and during basic dental procedures. An individual with dental anxiety understand the value of going to the dentist, they simply need help being put at ease.

There are several different causes of dental anxiety. Some people experience anxiety because they feel a loss of control over their own body. Other people might view the mouth as an intimate part of the body and feel uncomfortable exposing it to a stranger.

There are a few things that can help you manage your dental anxiety before and during your procedure.

Low blood sugar increases feelings of anxiety in many people. It can help to schedule your appointment in the morning shortly after eating breakfast or in the afternoon, right after lunch.

Asking questions in advance can also help ease your mind. Deep breathing during times when you feel tension can also help lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Some patients with dental anxiety also find relief by administering nitrous oxide during the procedure. Let us know in advance if this is an option you would like to investigate.

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