A Lost Filling Can Be Restored With a Crown

Many cavities can be repaired by an ordinary filling made from gold, amalgam, porcelain, or a composite resin. As time passes it’s not unheard-of for the natural bacteria in your mouth to slowly compromise the cement anchoring the filling to the existing tooth enamel. As a general rule of thumb, large and old fillings are more likely to fall out.... read more »

Understanding Your Options for Repairing a Fractured Tooth

The enamel layer on each of your teeth is composed of a dense structure of microscopic mineral crystals, which gives your teeth their strength and durability. It’s not uncommon of for a hard fall, a blow to the face, or a sports injury to fracture a tooth. Fractures and large chips are also common for people who grind their teeth... read more »

The Keys to Relaxing in the Dental Chair

Dental anxiety is a real problem in the world today, which is why our Duncan Dental Studio team offers dental sedation in Portland, Texas. Dental sedation is a great product that will help you finally relax while you’re in the hands of the dentist. With the help of dental sedatives, your dental fears will be washed away and you will... read more »

Teeth Whitening: How to Prepare

As you probably know, a smile is an essential part of making a good first impression. Similarly, you know that having a whiter smile can have a huge impact on a person’s confidence and quality of life. Tooth discoloration is caused by several issues, such as aging, certain medications, fluorosis, and even cavities. Fortunately, there are a variety of options... read more »

Dealing Dental Anxiety for Common Dental Procedures

Dental anxiety is a recognized psychological disorder, that triggers stress in someone before and during basic dental procedures. An individual with dental anxiety understand the value of going to the dentist, they simply need help being put at ease. There are several different causes of dental anxiety. Some people experience anxiety because they feel a loss of control over their... read more »

The Truth About Cavities

You’ve probably heard something about cavities—in fact, you’ve probably had a cavity or two. But did you know there are several misconceptions surrounding cavities? To help you separate fact from fiction, we’re happy to dispel some of the more common cavity myths. For example, you’ve probably heard that cavities are caused by sugar. This isn’t quite true. In fact, cavities... read more »

Why You Should Consider Implants

If you are missing one or more of your teeth or have a decayed tooth, you have quite a few options. While treatments like bridges, dentures, or crowns may be more affordable, please don’t forget to consider implants as well. Aside from enjoying a healthier smile immediately, you can also enjoy long-term benefits with implants. . With implants, you can... read more »

Thank Goodness for Dental Veneers

Having a smile you can be thankful for is truly an amazing feeling. That is why more people are turning to dental veneers than ever before. Dental veneers are perfect for anyone wanting to have a flawless, beautiful smile. To be specific, dental veneers are extremely thin, custom-made shells that go on the front of your teeth. They give you... read more »

Why Athletes Should Wear A Mouth Guard

The teeth in your mouth support the jaw bone structure and aid you when you chew, speak, and smile. Teeth are important for your health, and athletes can protect them when wearing a mouth guard. We invite you to visit Duncan Dental Studio for a mouth guard today, rather than visit us for the treatment of broken teeth later. The... read more »